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10 hour battery life

Keep your customers
engaged longer

Lightweight portable design

position your message where
people are going to see it

43" HD Display

High quality LCD display

Cloud based CRM

Update content onsite
or remotely

8GB internal memory

Lightning-fast processing

Duel built-in speakers

For dramatic sound &
clean recordings

Engage with
your customer anywhere!

We offer rental options for all SignPal products. Why settle for one screen when you can have multiple! Give your brand that extra edge, creating an engaging campaign that draws in your audience. By using multiple screens you can further increase the effectiveness of campaign delivery through unique, creative messages which interact across the screens.

You can implement the use of text, images, video content, and even live feeds! There are so many ways to captivate onlookers with SignPal. 

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Portable Pop-up

The portability of SignPal allows you to position your signs where you get the most foot traffic. Perfect for waiting rooms, shop fronts, covid check-in rooms, medical clinics, and more!

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Run multiple Campaigns at once

Bring your message alive with easily customisable, crisp, and engaging content. We recommend using high-resolution images to make the most of SignPal’s high definition screen.

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10 Hour
Battery Life

SignPal has an internal battery that gives you the ability to display your message for over 10 hours of run time! Your digital signage will display all day long whether inside or outside.

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Perfect for
Covid Registration

Display your Covid-19 safety plan with animated graphics and easily update daily with current safety information.

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Benefiting a number of industries

Exhibitions & tradeshows, Display messages across multiple devices.

SignPal is perfect for exhibitions and tradeshows. Display messages in a creative and exciting way across a single, or multiple screens! Whether intended for directional messaging, general information, or more, SignPal does it all.

Our Mission at SignPal is to supply a sustainable solution to print media.

There is a growing push for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt a sustainable approach to their work practices.

At SignPal we are setting the benchmark for a safe and sustainable solution to signage. By eliminating the print cost and material wastage of advertising, we are able to deliver a sustainable product that helps generate sales and keep your customers engaged. 

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Branding and content creation on all rentals

All SignPal units come with branding and content creation. Our friendly and experienced team help with the delivery of content to all SignPal units. Allowing your customers to enjoy a stylised & branded experience.


State of the art CMS with
24 Hour Australian support

SignPal comes supplied with a cloud-based content management system that allows you to update content in real-time whether you are at the office or on-site.


Not sure how to create content? Have a problem uploading? We can help anytime anywhere. Our Australian support team has the confidence to get you up and running.

Phone Number

(02) 9784 9222

Link Specification

SignPal suits larger organizations who need to manage their corporate media from a single point or need to change their media message on a more regular basis. With SignPal’s easy-to-operate cloud-based content management system, you can deliver text, image and video content to your SignPal, and make updates in real-time.

43" Inch


Cloud Based


Australian Support

8GB Internal Memory

Content Manager

Automated Power





Media Formats

MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264




Outline Dimension

Screen Size

Display Colours


4-Core, 1.8GHZ

DDR3 2GB embeded

1100mm x 594mm x 359mm

43 Inch

16.7 million colours

8GB embedded


1920 x 1080 Pixels

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The Link. A Portable Signage Unit

Hiking in Forest

Setting the standard for a sustainable future

We offset material waste  to our recycling facility

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

A 100% carbon neutral product

SignPal is the leader in Digital Signage Rentals!